Privacy Policy

Our goal is to help you identify spam calls so that you can be calm and safe, we have prepared a privacy policy that is as clear as possible so that you understand how the application works, read it carefully and use the application only if it is completely clear to you, if you have additional questions about the applicatior or it`s privacy policy contact support.
1. Profile creation and management
You can create a profile with your phone number. After creating a profile, you can manage your profile, upload the photo, add a picture and name from the social networks and delete your profile if you wish. It is not allowed to upload images with sexual content or other types punishable by law, in case of finding an image with similar content, the administration reserves the right to delete the inappropriate image from database without prior agreement or notification.
2. Publish company number in the app
If you want your company number to be easily searchable for other users of the app, you can add your company information to our "Companies" listing and other users of the app will be able to search your company info.
3. Incoming and outgoing calls
If you enable the application feature `Show info on incoming call`, the application will automatically search for the number on incoming and outgoing calls and will display the result, i.e. the mobile/phone number of the person who is calling you or whom you are calling will be automatically searched in the database and if found, the application will display the result The names on the number that were added to the database from the mobile devices of other users of the application (after their consent), as well as the application stores a list of incoming and outgoing calls in your phone`s memory, which allows you to easily search for the owner of the number from the list of calls.
4. Using contacts
The application "Nomrebi" uses the contacts in your mobile device with your permission and shares them with the users of the application, that is, the application sends your contacts and the information attached to them to the application database only after your consent, after which other users of the application have the opportunity to search for mobile/phone numbers. By agreeing to the Privacy Policy you confirm that the numbers in your phone book and the information about their owners have been obtained legally, namely: the data is publicly available or the data subject has made it available to you and you have the data subject`s consent to the storage, use, processing and transfer of his personal information to a third party. If you do not agree to the sharing of your contacts or do not have the data subject`s consent to the storage/processing/transfer of his personal information to a third party, do not agree and do not use the application, by using the application you confirm that you have the right to legally store/process/transfer to a third party the contacts on your phone, The contacts you share in the app are obtained legally. The application processes only information obtained through legal public means.
5. Remove mobile/phone number from application database
If your mobile/phone number is searched through this application and you want to remove any name of your number from the application or you want your number not to be searched in the application, you can contact us through App, Facebook messenger or website, after confirmation that this number really belongs to you, we We will remove the number or any specific designation of your number from the application.
6. Data collection
Our advertising partners may collect information, such as a history of advertisements that interest you, in order to provide you with personalized advertisements in the future.
7. What app does not:
The application "Nomrebi" does not ask for access to your GPS coordinates, SMS or voice recording function, the application does not store any GPS coordinates and does not record any conversations, nor read, view or change sms, the application does not store any information about your personal on conversations or correspondence, and therefore does not require access to these services from mobile devices.
8. Cookies
Cookies are small text files that can be perceived as web page memory.
What do we use cookies for?
• For app operation
• For analytics
• For authentication data
• For advertising purposes